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This blog contains Dan Winter's live reports from Beirut Lebanon. Dan is a long time peace activist from Boulder Colorado.  He has been to Iraq 3 times and Palestine once.  He is  opening a non-profit office in Beirut to provide services for volunteers and the media.  Contact him for assistance.

Monday, September 04, 2006

A View from Downtown Beirut

Downtown Beirut is a constant hub of building and reconstruction. It makes Denver,Colorado, in the late 70's, look like a tinker toy construction project. I can stand in one spot and see 8 counstruction cranes at work. I can move 200 yards for a different view and see 10 more at work. move 500 yards and see 10 more. From my youth hostel I can see one tower of about 40 floors under construction.

None of this building is due to the current war. Beirut has for the past few years been undergoing rebuilding and new construction. First, was rebuilding from the Israeli invasion of the 80-90's. Then the tearing down of old buildings (scrape offs) for new buildings. Much money was invested by Harari who was killed last year.

The older building, within perhaps 1/2 mile of a rather small central business section, where people with less money lived are 75% gone. In the 60's - 70's in major cities this was called urban renewal. We called it "black removal" (predates DWB).

This is taken for granted - by those with the $ - strange but those who must move just do not understand the dynamics of a "vibrant" economy and do not have the same outlook !!!!!!


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